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ALSOK Charter

Management Philosophy

Based on two core principles exemplified by "arigato no kokoro"
(a feeling of gratefulness and gratitude) and "bushi no seishin" (a samurai spirit),
we devote ourselves to protecting the safety and security
of our customers and of society as a whole.

Management Policies

1. Fundamental Spirit
Under any condition that we face, we work hard to live by a fundamental spirit that reflects our management philosophy -as exemplified by a feeling of gratefulness and gratitude and a samurai spirit based on toughness, fairness, and generosity-to be a highly principled company.
2. Priority
Our top priority is to provide products and services of the first rank, while cultivating the highest levels of motivation in our employees and living up to shareholder expectations through attractive profit growth.
3. Basic Strategy
While security services remain at the heart of our business, as our basic strategy, we also seek to offer a diverse range of products and services in new fields to satisfy the needs of the ever-changing times.
4. Contributing to Society
Allying ourselves with public bodies charged with protecting public safety and security, we commit ourselves to developing value-adding products and services, thereby always contributing to society.

Code of Conduct

1. We will devote ourselves to serving our customers and society as a whole in a way that reflects a feeling of gratefulness and gratitude.
2. We will embody a samurai spirit in everything we do based on toughness, fairness, and generosity, standing firm in the face of adversity and banding together to embrace success.
3. We will value autonomy in our actions, empowered by
"yacho seishin" (the spirit of a wild bird)-which represents independence, self-respect, perseverance, acuity, and tenacity-and take responsibility for delivering results.
4. We will carry out our day-to-day activities based on the principles of sincerity, accuracy, strength, and speed.
5. We will know no complacency, always marching forward purposefully while growing and refining our business to continue to provide value to customers and to society as a whole, thereby continuing to be relevant.
6. We will pursue perpetual self-improvement and remain highly committed to compliance, thereby attracting and nurturing human resources of the caliber worthy of the industry leader.
  • "Arigato no kokoro" (a feeling of gratefulness and gratitude): This refers to the way people in Japanese society agree to live their lives while being respectful toward the lives of others; it represents a humble feeling of gratefulness and gratitude toward the people and everything else that enriches our daily lives.
  • "Bushi no seishin" (a samurai spirit): This embodies a strong and honorable yet kind mentality of a samurai from a bygone era characterized by discipline, purpose, and the will to succeed and grow.
  • "Yacho seishin" (the spirit of a wild bird): This refers to a drive to persevere and survive against all odds while always remaining aware of the possible threats surrounding oneself, just as a wild bird must be constantly alert itself of the risk from predators and other dangers in its daily fight for survival.