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Our Services

It is important to assess security risk properly and make effective than intrusion and rubber. ALSOK provides security consulting services, including designing effective security systems as well as managing stationed security services, based on the know-how we have.We believe we are one of the best security providers to help you from planning security measures to installing and managing security equipment.

Overseas Security Consulting

Stationed Security Management / Consulting

ALSOK assesses present security vulnerability, plans security measures, introduces partner security companies and manages the stationed security guards. We also help to sustain and/or improve the quality of security services utilizing our expertise.

Client's facility

Alarm Monitoring Security Services

While there is nobody in office at night or on weekends, we monitor the security areas with intruder detection sensors. What’s more, the combination of the alarm monitoring services and the stationed security services enables us to respond more firmly and quickly.

INTRUDERSecurity box

Stationed Security Services and Security Systems

Stationed security services

Security guards conduct operations such as facility management and vigilant activities.

  • Inspections of vehicles
    Inspections of vehicles
  • Patrol
  • Reception

  • Intruder alarm systems

    Intruder alarm systems can
    provide seamless monitoring.

    Intruder alarm systems
  • Security camera systems

    Security camera systems can deter crimes and record the situation. The footage can be used for investigaing and solving incidents. We can offer suitable systems based on your request.

    Security camera systems
  • Access control systems

    It allows limited persons to access security areas. We can offer suitable systems based on your request.