Five Material Issues

The ALSOK Group advances sustainability promotion in accordance with its management philosophy to respond to changing social needs and help resolve the issues society faces. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2014, we defined five material issues with aim of fulfilling our social responsibilities and sharing our social value with shareholders and other stakeholders. These themes are: providing trustworthy security services; providing products and services that help resolve social issues; cultivating human resources and building a comfortable workplace environment; contributing to local communities through active communication; and consideration for the global environment. Our policies based on these material issues have been reshaped to reflect the Company’s revised management philosophy, and we are stepping up initiatives in each of these areas.

  1. Materiality1: Operating Practice

    Providing Trustworthy Security Services

    ALSOK is expected to maintain high levels of social trust while acting in a highly ethical and disciplined manner. We therefore position compliance and business continuity as management issues of extreme importance, and are advancing various initiatives in relation to these matters.

  2. Materiality2: Consumer

    Providing Products and Services That Help Resolve Social Issues

    ALSOK offers a multifaceted lineup of services that help resolve issues faced by customers and society through an accurate understanding of changes in the natural environment and social trends by leveraging its security services expertise.

  3. Materiality3: Labor Practice

    Cultivating Human Resources and Building a Comfortable Workplace Environment

    ALSOK is constantly working to improve the workplace environment to enable human resources, which are the base of sustainable growth for the Company, to fully exercise their talents through the enhancement of training systems, active support for career development, and the promotion of diversity.

  4. Materiality4: Community

    Contributing to Local Communities through Active Communication

    To give form to “arigato no kokoro” (a feeling of gratefulness and gratitude)—part of ALSOK’s fundamental spirit—the Company acts as a good corporate citizen, diligently working to contribute to the resolution of the various issues faced by the communities it serves.

  5. Environment

    Consideration for the Global Environment

    Understanding that environmental issues affect all of humanity, ALSOK is working to reduce the environmental impact of its operations and has set goals for the reduction of CO2 emissions and other environmental indicators while engaging in initiatives to address climate change and preserve the natural environment. The Company shapes such initiatives based on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and other global consensus and targets.