Risk Information

In relation to the ALSOK Group's business and accounting circumstances, the following items are the major risks which the management recognize that can potentially have significant effects on business performance and cash flow. Future-related information mentioned below was deemed appropriate by the Group as of June 24, 2021, the date on which the 56th Securities Report was filed.

1. Risk Related to Outbreak of the Infection Disease

a. Providing service continuously

As a operator providing services concerning safety and security of the society (Security services, General property management and fire protection services, Long-term care services) the Group will adequately provide service and continue the business. If any employee guarding important facilities or when mass infection occur at long-term care facilities the Group operates, there is a possibility that might effect to providng service continuously. Therefore, the Group established countermeasures headquarters as for the aim to prevent the spread of infection under the risk of novel coronavirus. Contingency plan is formulated as to maintain continuous service providing and to stably provide various services. The following are the measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus.

• To be thorough at taking temperature by thermography, wearing face mask, and washing hands.
• Admission restriction and thorough cleaning at each facilities is in practice.
• In accordance with the characteristics of the business, to avoid the "Three Cs (closed space, crowded place, close-contact settings)", focused on administrative department and sales department, working from home is enhanced. So as not to interfere the correspondence to customers, the employees contact with customers, through ipad, online conference system, e-mail, and by phone.

The Group will take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of infective diseases and continue our business, and will accurately meet the safety and security needs of our customers and society based on basic action policy, guidance by municipalities, and guidelines formulated by each industries.

b. Business environment

In the security services industry, although the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 are scheduled to be held, the impact of COVID-19 is projected to be seen in an increased number of terminations/cancellation and fee discounts security service contracts due to the cancellation, postponement or downsizing of events and the suspension or termination of retail business activities. At the same time, there are growing expectations for the provision of enhanced ALSOK Group services, such as those that support customer infection prevention measures, consider the security and safety of senior citizens, women, children and other vulnerable members of society, and prepare for ongoing natural disasters and aging infrastructure.

In this environment, the ALSOK Group will continue to provide appropriate services as an operator of service businesses related to the safety and security of society (the Security Services business, General Property Management and Fire Protection Services business, and Long-Term Care Services and Lifestyle Support Services for the Elderly business), which are indispensable for ensuring the stability of the lives of the people and the national economy, while taking the sufficient infection prevention measures. Furthermore, to correspond to expanding safe and secure needs in the society with risks diversifying, the ALSOK Group aims to become a resilient integrated safety and security solutions provider by promoting the innovation of security business model. To achieve this, we will enhance response capacity for diverse safe and secure needs of society, promote digitization and utilization of data, structure environment where employees play an active role, and strengthen the efforts of sustainability.

2. Risk Related to Massive Disasters

Should a massive disaster occur, the Group's employee or facilities the Group operates is affected, there is a possibility that might effect to business operation. Therefore the Group prepare for massive disasters utilizing know-how cultivated by experiences taking measures such as maintenance of disaster correspondence mannual, disaster stockpile, nationwide mobile correspondence system, periodic education and training based on business continuity plan and disaster countermeasures regulation. By the massive disaster and blackouts for long period of time associated with disaster, if the function of the network the Group build stop, there is a possibility that might effect to providing service continuously. The Group located two data centers each in Eastern Japan and Western Japan as a important system backup environment, and monitors to prepare in case of massive disasters.

3. Risk Related to Ensuring and Developing Human Resource

Under the circumstances of the working-age population decrease, the Group deploys wide operation fields (the Security Services business, General Property Management and Fire Protection Services business, and Long-Term Care Services and Lifestyle Support Services for the Elderly business), should retaining high quality employees be difficult and could not deploy employee appropriately, there will be a shortage of human resources and management personnel who manages for the operation of each business, the Group's operating performance could be affected. To correspond to such risks, we will further promote work style reforms within the group while improving engagement by creating a system and environment that allows individual workers to maximize their abilities, such as hiring diverse human resources, providing diverse work styles, and developing abilities. Furthermore, for the aim to revitalize the organization and rearing ability of employees, we reinforce proper personnel allocation such as promoton of personnel exchanges as a Group whole, expansion of the placement for female employees and flexible personnel management by reinforcement of multitasking.

In addition, retirees with abundant practical experience will be able to play an active role in the group for a long period of time after retirement, and will secure a high-quality workforce, digitize and utilize data within the company. We are also working to improve productivity by streamlining operations and saving labor in the front department and back office.

4. Risk Related to Changes in the Technological Environment

As to accurately correspond to safe and secure needs of customers and society, development of new products and services utilizing AI, 5G, IoT are essential. If the Group could not correspond to these changes in the technological environment, it may effect to the performance of the Group. Therefore, by understanding the latest trends of technology, for the aim of risk-averse, as the group promotes digital transformation with aggressively utilizing AI, 5G, IoT technologies.

5. Risk Related to System Development and Operation

In reference to the development of new products, services and core system, the development may commission to externa vendor. Under the circumstance, in case when it did not work as planned due to the delay of development, the performance and management plan may be effected. Also, under the circumstance when system trouble occurs aster the introduction, the performance and internal control may be effected.

そTherefore, in terms of task management of the development, the Group work with contractor in close coordination, and checking the progress by custodian from each company, and prevent delay by taking appropriate response at early stage. In addition, renovation and improvement is accelerated at acceptance test and after the introduction. Moreover, by strengthening the ensurement and development of human resources with advanced expertise such as project management skill, the progress and quality of contractor will be controlled appropriately.

Beyond that, in reference to the operation of systems concerning product services, and core system, when communication failure and system trouble occur, the provision of service may be effected. The Group work for stable operation as to multiplex network equipments at each base, ensure various backup server at remote sites, after organizing the backup system, and practice assuming the case of system failure.

6. Risk Related to Information Management

The Group conducts many personal information and confidential information.Regarding these information assets, when malicious attacks by third party or when any leakage occurs with carelessness or delibrate aim by concerned parties, it will lead to deterioration of social credibility and brand image, pament of damages, legal penalty that might effect the Company's performance.

Therefore, the Group set "Basic policy for information security" as cornerstone of ensurement of information security, and apply to all employees including board members and all information assets. Based on information assets management regulation, information assets management committee is organaized with director in charge of information assets management as chairman, construction and promotion of information assets management system and trainings concerning serious information assets accident are conducted. Furthermore, when serious accident occurs, the Group lay out the framework of corresponding the accident and prevention of recurrence, and establish ALSOK-CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team).

7. Risk Related to Reputation

The Group uses common corporate brand among the companies proportionate to providing products and services. Under these circumstances, when any incident occurs in the Group or affiliated companies, it may effect the performance and will damage brand image.

From the point of view of enhancing group governance, specialized department for affiliated companies is established to conduct guidance and supervision fairly. The company recieves reports such as performance of duty and important information concerning risks for loss of affiliated companies b cooperating with affiliated companies to correspond to risks and by dispatching directors or auditors from the Company. Based on "Internal Audit Regulation", inspection department is working for compliance of the Group by managing business activities of affiliated companies, supervision, advice, admonisment consider improvement of business and system of management be important.

The situation of the Company's internal control system streamline and audit by auditing officer and internal audit is described in securities report.

8. Risk Related to Environment

In recent years, extreme weather phenomena (abnormal weather) such as heat waves, heavy rains, and droughts have frequently occurred all over the world. In Japan as well, abnormal weather such as heavy rains exceeding 100 mm per hour and intense heat exceeding 40℃ have been observed in various places, which has a great impact not only on the Group but also on corporate activities and citizens' lives. With the growing momentum to solve this problem in society as a whole,insufficient the company group's efforts and explanations to stakeholders may lead to a decline in customer support, such as receiving social criticism, which may affect business performance.

The Group has responded to such climate change by mitigating and adapting to climate change, conserving water, ocean and forest resources, responding circulating society, pollution prevention and waste management, and biodiversity. Regarding these issues, we aim to solve the issues and realize a sustainable society by providing various initiatives, products and services from both risk and opportunity perspectives. In addition, as for other activities, we support and participate in the domestic initiative on climate change (JCI Climate Change Initiative). Furthermore, the Global Environmental Action Conference (GEA)is an NGO, which was established in January 2020 with the aim of contributing to the solution of global environmental problems and sustainable development. We are actively working from various fields, such as joining as a member company and donating business activity expenses. These efforts are disseminated through our website and the annual ALSOK Report (integrated report).

9. Risk Related to Legal Restrictions

In order to provide our clients with security services in addtion to Companies Act and Financial Instruments Act,the Group is subject to a variety of legal restrictions, including major ones stated in the table below. Should any of these legal restrictions be amended or abolished, or any new legal provisions established, the Group's operating performance could be affected.

Therefore each department and affiliated companies are to correspond to revision or abolition of law regulation and check if there are any new law regulation. The risk information is to be reported regularly associated with the change in law regulation, we will pay close attention to the trend of the authorities concerned and corresond appropriately.

Major Operation Relevant Laws Competent Authorities, etc.
Security Services Security Business Law
Road Traffic Law
National Public Safety Commission
Telecommunications Business Law
Radio Law
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Act on Ensuring Fair Electric Business Practices
Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
The Specified Commercial Transaction Act Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Consumer Affairs Agency
Consumer Contract Act Consumer Affairs Agency
Construction Business Act
Act for Promotion of Proper Tendering and Contracting for Public Works
Truck Transport Business Law
Freight Forwarding Business Law
Road Trucking Vehicle Law
Warehousing Business Law
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Act on Special Districts for Structural Reform Cabinet Office
Act Against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, ETC. to Subcontractors Japan Fair Trade Commisiion, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
Act on Penal Detention Facilities and Treatment of Inmates and Detainees Ministry of Justice
General Property Management and Fire Protection Services Construction Business Act
Act for Promotion of Proper Tendering and Contracting for Public Works
Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law
Architect Act
Act on Advancement of Proper Condominium Management
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act
Act on Maintenance of Sanitation in Building
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Waste Disposal Act Ministry of the Environment
Electricity Business Act
Act on Ensuring Fair Electric Business Practices
Law Concerning the Securing of safety and the Optimization of Transaction of Liquefid Petroleum Gas
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Fire and Disaster Management Act Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Fire Prevention Ordiance Each municipality
Long-Term Care Services Long-term Care Insurance Act
Act on Social Welfare for the Elderly
Act on Massage and Finger Pressure Practioners, Acupuncturists, Moxibution Practitioners etc.
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Each Prefecture, Each municipality
Other Services Correspondence Delivery Act Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Worker Dispatching Act
Employment Security Act
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Insurance Business Law
Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
Financial Services Agency
Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds
Law about the Adequcy of Duties of the Detective Business
Secondhand Articles Dealer Act
National Public Safety Commission (National Police Agency)
Personal Information Protection Law Personal Information Protection Commission
Act on Special Measures to Prevent and Correct Shift for Consumption Tax Japan Fair Trade Commission, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, Consumer Affairs Agency
Act Against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations Consumer Affairs Agency
Act on Countermeasures Against Novel Influenza
Act on Maintenance of Sanitation in Buildings
Food Sanitation Act
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Act on Special Measures concerning the Handling of Pollution by Radioactive Materials Ministry of the Environment
Act on Prohibition of Private Monopolization and Maintenance of Fair Trade Japan Fair Trade Commission

10. Risk Related to Impairment of Goodwill etc.

To expand the business field from security business as origination to peripheral businesses, the Comapany may do an acquisition. Under the circumstances, when the performance of the Company acquired deviate from the business plan at the point when the acquisition waas decided, impairment loss of intagible assets such as goodwill and customer-related assets and other property, plant and equipment, might occur and will effect the Group's performance.

Therefore, regarding the performance of the acquired company, it is managed on a steady basis, and is reported to the board of directors regularly. Moreover, when diremption of the performance and the business plan at the point when the acquisition was decided is admitted, countermeasure is to be formulated and practiced promptly within related departments.