ALSOK Supply Chain CSR Guideline


Modern society finds itself directly facing a variety of grave issues and circumstances that threaten sustainability. As corporate activities have become more borderless, issues concerning working environments and discrimination have come to the forefront, and corporate response to these issues has come into question. The world economy, which developed through mankind’s focus on the pursuit of profit, is causing global climate change, breaking down ecosystems, depleting natural resources and giving rise to manifold energy issues.

Under these circumstances, to promote societal and environmental responsibility on the part of both nations and companies, the world has come to expect that all business activities not only observe national laws, ordinances and regulations but also respect internationally recognized standards. The ALSOK Group is also exhibiting its leadership as a responsible company by protecting the interests of its stakeholders through showing esteem for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, conforming to the ILO’s Core Labour standards, upholding the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and engaging in environmental activities in support of global climate change countermeasures adopted under the Paris Agreement.

Based on our strong sense of commitment, we have always upheld our two principles, “arigato no kokoro” (a feeling of gratefulness and gratitude) and “bushi no seishin” (a samurai spirit), practicing CSV through our business model, which entails “protecting customers and society in order to fulfill all kinds of safety and security needs with a network capable of responding 24 hours a day and 365 days a year .” We have also promoted CSR by resolving societal issues during times of change. However, these initiatives cannot be carried through to completion through the efforts of the ALSOK Group alone. We firmly believe that the success of these initiatives also rests on the understanding and cooperation of all of our stakeholders.

It was based on this conviction that the ALSOK Group created the ALSOK Supply Chain CSR Guideline. We humbly request understanding from our suppliers concerning ALSOK’s philosophy and also for their participation in efforts to achieve sustainable societies.

Respect for Human Rights

In order to support the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights, we will respect the dignity and rights of all people and will not wrongfully discriminate based on race, gender, religion or any other reason. In addition, we will engage in both internal and external human rights awareness activities and work to ensure proper understanding of human rights issues. Under no circumstances will we violate or infringe upon, or participate in the violation or infringement upon, human rights, whether directly or indirectly.

Employment and Labor

Remaining mindful that we should uphold the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation, we will not engage in or support any form of forced or child labor (employing individuals below the minimum age for admission to employment or neglecting to safeguard young workers established in conventions and recommendations of the International Labour Organization [ILO]). Furthermore, we will lay down a variety of regulations, including rules of employment, that are compliant with labor-related laws in each of the nations and regions in which we do business. We will also observe minimum wage requirements, reduce long working hours by conducting appropriate management of labor time, holidays and leave and strive to provide comfortable working environments through intimate communication between labor and management that is considerate of the rights and freedoms of all employees.

Environment and Safety

We will consider the impact our corporate activities have on the environment and work to reduce CO2 emissions, prevent pollution, observe environmental laws and ordinances and remain considerate of water resources and biodiversity. Furthermore, we will establish and maintain self-imposed targets aimed at curtailing our use of resources and energy, develop and circulate environmentally friendly products and services and disclose information regarding the progress and results of our environmental preservation activities.

Additionally, the ALSOK Group will endeavor to secure occupational safety and health and conduct appropriate health management for all employees while maintaining an understanding regarding occupational hazards and illnesses and adopting necessary countermeasures.

Client satisfaction

We will comply with client agreements, which represent promises made on behalf of the ALSOK Group, and exhaust all possible efforts to ensure the safety and quality of our products and services while continuously striving to achieve client satisfaction through the promotion of interaction and research and development. Furthermore, we will utilize our quality management system and comply with safety-related laws and ordinances in order to conduct proper quality and safety assurance.

Appropriate Information Management

The ALSOK Group will provide customers and clients with accurate information regarding products and services, adopt defensive measures to protect against computer network threats (computer viruses, spyware, etc.) and conduct management aimed at preventing harm to the ALSOK Group and to other companies. Additionally, we will appropriately manage and safeguard individual privacy as well as confidential information received from clients and third parties.

Fair Operating Practices

The ALSOK Group is aware of the importance of remaining accountable in its corporate activities. Accordingly, we strive to maintain transparency in these activities and disclose related information appropriately, communicating closely with our stakeholders (suppliers, shareholders, local communities, employees, etc.). Remaining mindful that we should always work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery, we will conduct just and honest corporate activities, rejecting all connections and relationships with anti-social forces and contributing to the sound development of society and the economy through fair market competition.

Responsible Section: CSR Office, General Affairs Department