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Top Message: ALSOK contributes to the ongoing development of society by functioning as a from of social infrastructure that supports safty and security. Top Message: ALSOK contributes to the ongoing development of society by functioning as a from of social infrastructure that supports safty and security.

We would like to express our appreciation to all of our shareholders for your continued understanding and support.

Business Environment

During the year under review, the fifth wave of Covid-19 has arrived, and the repeated state of emergency has been declared in the Japanese economy. However, the decline in personal consumption remained relatively small, continued to pick up overall. The state of emergency was resolved at the end of September and the fifth wave has converged rapidly since September. Coupled with the significant progress of vaccination, the movement toward economic normalization in the future is expected to accelerate, but in the light of the situation of other countries, there remains a persistent sense of caution about the 6th wave and there are also concerns about the adverse effects of soaring resource prices on the economy.

In the security service field, in recent years, with the backdrop such as decline of the birthrate, aging population, and the working population, concerns for the safety and security of the socially vulnerable such as the elderly, women and children, series of natural disasters and aging infrastructure, the social safety and security needs is expanding. Risks are further diversifying in the post-covid society, such as the new normal with the keywords of digital and remote, and the formation of carbon-neutral and recycling-oriented society, and it is expected that total services of security, equipment, and long-term care will continue to be provided.

Summary of Consolidated Financial Results

In this environment, the Group has continued to provide appropriate services as an operator of service businesses related to the safety and security of society (Security Service business, General Property Management and Fire Protection Service business, and Long-Term Care Service business), which are indispensable for ensuring the stability of the lives of the people and the national economy while taking sufficient infection prevention measures.

Further, as set forth in the Medium-Term Management Plan “Grand Design 2025”, the Group has aimed to become a “resilient integrated safety and security solutions provider” that supports the safety and security of customers and society. In order to respond to increasing safety and security needs of each customer in the society with diversifying risks, we are working to provide new services that are combined with various service functions such as security, equipment, and long-term care.

As a result, consolidated net sales increased 8.6% year on year to ¥245,290 million, operating income increased 56.8% to ¥24,830 million, ordinary income increased 56.4% to ¥25,754 million, and profit attributable to owners of parent increased 61.6% to ¥16,097 million.

Forecast for the Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2022

In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022, the ALSOK Group forecasts net sales of ¥500.5 billion, up 6.5% year on year. We expect operating income to grow 13.2%, to ¥42.1 billion, ordinary income to rise 10.9%, to ¥43.5 billion, and profit attributable to owners of parent to expand 9.9%, to ¥27.5 billion.

December 2021