Medium-term Management Plan

Medium-term Management Plan (FY2019-FY2021)

Long-term development and the position of GD2020

Based on the philosophy of ALSOK charter, we aim to be total safe and secure service industry which supports safety and security of customers and society

Getting a look at achieving consolidated net sales of ¥1 trillion, far-seeing post 2020, We formulated GD2020 as a 3year plan to achieve sustainable growth and further revolution of business

Further “evolution” and “deepening” / Achieving sustainable growth
ALSOK Charter (Management Philosophy)
Based on core principles exemplified by “arigato no kokoro” (a feeling of gratefulness and gratitude) and
bushi no seishin” (a samurai spirit), we devote ourselves to
protecting the safety and security of our customers and of society as a whole.

Grand Design 2020 Basic Policies

Marketing Strategy

Business Corporation
Public Sector
Financial Institutions
  • Amplification of solution business including incorporation of outsource needs
  • Further expansion of “security + equipment” model (Security and equipment service package)
  • Providing seamless products and services concerning individuals and facilities
  • Business expansion in elderly market
  • Accelerate expansion in overseas business

Enhancement of Management Base

  • Sophistication of security model
  • Productivity improvement (improvement in additional value per person)
  • Stable securement of human resources and promotion of diversity
  • Cultivation of human resources with high expertise

Correspondence to Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020

  • ALSOK will play a role in the security of the Game and contributing to the success of the Game

Note: ALSOK is a Tokyo 2020 Official Partner (Security Services and Planning)

Financial Goal

Financial Goal

*Sales and income concerning Tokyo 2020 Games is not included in the target

Strategy for improvement of ROE

Strategy for improvement of ROE

Investment Policy

While maintaining stable financial base, ALSOK seeks improvement of ROE by generating cash from enlarging profit and accelerating development of business by strategic investment

Investment Policy