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  • Medium-Term Management Plan

  • Striving to be a company that supports people’s safety, security, and comfortable living by protecting facilities, people, and properties
    Formulation of Grand Design 2017, a three-year management plan guiding the implementation of growth strategies as we target consolidated net sales of ¥1 trillion
    Grand Design 2017
    • Basic Policies of Grand Design 2017

        Raise consolidated net sales

      • 1. Expansion of existing business by raising productivity of sales representatives
      • 2. Expansion of net sales by maximizing
        intra-Group synergies
      • 3. Provision of new products and services
        that meet customer needs

        Build high-profit constitution

      • 1. Improvement of per person labor productivity
      • 2. Utilization of human resources
      • 3. Groupwide cost reductions, including
        managerial side

  • Strategies of Grand Design 2017
    To the next 50 years – Developing through cooperation within the ALSOK Group


  • Financial Goals