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Securities Code : 2331
  • Management Philosophy

  • Our business operations are based on a management philosophy epitomized by a spirit of gratitude and a samurai spirit. Our mission is to help maintain safety throughout society, an indispensable element of our lives, as well as to make constant improvements to become the industrys leading company.

  • Managerial Policy

  • 1. Fundamental Spirit

    Under any conditions, we work hard to abide by our core principles, as exemplified in a samurai spirit based on toughness, fairness and generosity, and in a spirit of gratitude. We are also committed to developing the human resources needed to provide reliable services.

    2. Management Priority

    Our top priority is to provide security services of the first rank and thereby secure an appropriate level of business profitability, which consequently allows us to meet shareholder expectations and offer optimum working conditions for our employees.

    3. Basic Strategy

    While devoting ourselves to security services, we also seek to offer diversified services to meet contemporary demands through our cumulative expertise in the area of security operations.

    4. Social Contribution

    We adhere to all government security policies and seek to make positive contributions to society.