Medium-term Management Plan (FY2019-FY2021)

Ⅰ. Enhancement of existing business to correspond to diversifying needs of customers

Corresponding to diversifying customer needs

Inside and outside environment
  • Threat of terrorism
  • Natural disaster
  • Labor scarcity
  • Negative interest rate
  • Expansion in financial constraints
  • Focusing in metropolitan area
  • Regional revitalization
  • Cyber attacks
  • Corporate compliance
  • Work style reform
  • Technology innovation
  • Dilapidated infrastructure
  • Disaster reconstruction
  • etc.
Changes in market environment
  • Business corporation, Financial institutions
    • Correspondence to risks,
      safety measures
    • Conversion of earnings
    • Expansion in outsource needs
    • Efficiency of business
  • Public sector
    • Reduction of operating cost of
      public service
    • Update of infrastructure and
      reduction of maintenance cost
  • Amplification of Solution business
    Providing solutions to various sophisticated needs

  • Further expansion of
    “security + equipment” model
    (Security and equipment service package)

    Providing comprehensive service seeking optimized premises and equipment

Providing various products and services concerning safety and security of individuals seamlessly

Individuals and facilities

  • Safety and security
    for elderly

  • Safety and security
    for women

  • Safety and security
    for children

  • Safety and security
    for houses
Amplification of providing seamless products and services
Safety and security indoor
  • HOME ALSOK MIMAMORI SUPPORT (Monitoring / Emergency alert, health consultation)
    • Monitoring
    • Emergency alert, health consultation
  • HOME ALSOK アルボeye (Simplified home security)
    • Simplified home security
  • Home Security Basic
    • Home security
    • Security for rented accommodation


Safety and security outdoor
  • MIMAMORI Tags (Sensor wandering elderly)
    • Sensor wandering elderly
  • MAMOLOOK (Mobile Security)
    • Mobile Security


Significantly enhance overseas business → Overseas expansion of ALSOK brand

Overseas expansion of ALSOK brand
  • Business expansion
    Change in business portfolio of companies incorporated above
  • Large-scale project
    Enhancement of approach towards large-scale projects
  • Structure enhancement
    Enhancement of business structure
    (investment of management resources)
Current status: Japanese-affiliated companies + Non Japanese-affiliated companies As a near-term target, we aim for achieving net sales of approximately ¥10.0 billion