Medium-term Management Plan (FY2019-FY2021)

Ⅱ. Sophistication of security model and productivity improvement

Promoting changes of business model far-seeing diversifying and sophisticating needs and labor scarcity

  • Diversifying and sophisticating needs of customers
  • Correspondence of labor scarcity
  • Rapid technological innovation
  • Realization of services for
    preventive measure
    • Foretaste detection of trouble utilizing AI and realization of natural disaster reduction and fire protection
    • Changing from preventing damage to preventive measure
  • Correspondence towards
    sophisticated crimes
    • Recognition of suspicious behavior utilizing AI
    • Corresponds to crimes such as shoplift, special-case scams, cyber crimes, terrorism etc.
  • High-functioned robots
    • Correspondence outdoor, mounted with 5 senses sensor
    • Acts on behalf of humans in scenes such as rescue, fire extinction, searching, derivation
  • Realization of urban space
    • Monitoring urban space by taking advantage of AI, 5G, and high-definition camera
    • Detecting fire disaster, status of vehicle traffic, suspicious drones etc.

Improvement in additional value per person, by utilizing new technology such as ICT and multitasking

Utilizing new technology such as ICT / Multitasking (Multifunction) / Business efficiency / Improvement in ability and quality (education and training)

Improvement in additional value per person by productivity improvement