Medium-term Management Plan

Medium-term Management Plan FY2022 - FY2026

4: Strengthen the efforts of sustainability

Enhancement of governance

  • Realization of sustainable growth
  • Improvement of medium-to long-term corporate value
  • Revision of corporate structure
  • Management efficiency

ALSOK Charter (Management Philosophy)

Based on core principles exemplified by “arigato no kokoro” (a feeling of gratefulness and gratitude) and “bushino seishin” (a samurai spirit), we devote ourselves to protecting the safety and security of our customers and of society as a whole.

Approach to SDGs

ALSOK will contribute to the realization of sustainable society and achievement of the SDGs by the CSR initiatives and ALSOK’s strength such as excellent human resources, organizational capabilities and trust based on its founding.

Approach to environmental issues

ALSOK will promote environmentally enhancing activities as to contribute to the realization of sustainable society based on the idea that global environmental issues are the common issue for all humanity.

Initiatives towards Carbon Neutral

Enhancement of initiatives towards reduction of CO2

  • Green procurement
  • Interchange to next-generation vehicles
  • Green electricity
Initiatives towards Circular economy

Converting to a business model with high cyclicity

  • Promotion of the “3Rs”(reduce, reuse, recycle)
  • Enhancement of products and services with environmentally friendly design

*Designing product and services to used in long-term(durability, upgradability etc.)

*Effective utilization of products including maintenance

Environmental Management

Gaining trust from stakeholders in environmental correspondence

  • Introduction of Environmental Management System ISO14001 to all corporate group
  • Express its support for international initiatives (TCFD etc.)
  • Enhancement in environmental governance
  • Information transmission of the status in a proactive manner
Contribution to the resolution of social issues

Provision of new products and services

  • Provision of Energy management service
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Measurements for disaster prevention and mitigation
  • Operational support for hydrogen station and electric vehicle charging facilities etc.